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Dux(despot) George

Dux(despot) George

State: Bulgaria
Mint: Unlocalized mint in the West Balkans
uid: 80BG
Obverse: Full length figures of George and saint George, holding labarum. George is long-haired, bearded moustache, wearing chlamys and divitision, holding small anexikakia in his left hand, saint George is nimbate, bearded and with moustache, with long tunic and mantle, holding Gospel, decorated with 5 gems with his left hand
Reverse: Christ with large cross nimbus, beard and moustache, wearing tunic and kolobion is sitting on throne with high horizontal back, holding Gospel, decorated with 5 gems
rarity: RRR
nominal value: silver grosh

F. - flan

D. - 19-20 mm.

W. - 1.60-1.90 gr.

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