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Emperor Michael

Emperor Michael

State: Bulgaria
Mint: Unlocalized mint in the West Balkans
uid: 82BG
Obverse:  MIChACL CAR SSTEPAN(or similar), full length figures of emperor Michael and saint Stephen, holding labarum. The emperor is long-haired, beard and moustache, wearing chlamys and divitision, holding small anexikakia in his left hand, saint Stephen is nimbate, bearded and with moustache, with long tunic and mantle, holding Gospel, decorated with 5 gems with his left hand
Reverse: IC XC, Christ with cross tunic, deard and moustache, wearing tunic and kolobion is sitting on high-back throne, holding Gospel, decorated with 5 gems
rarity: RRR
nominal value: silver grosh

F. - flat

D. - 20-21 mm.

W. - 1.60-1.80 gr.

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